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The Four Seasons and the months of the year

For the new year is coming, I pictured a stoned rosette, circled by the early gothic calligraphed months of the year. The four seasons turn around the Cross, inside the rosette with a 10 cm diameter. This is without any doubt the most precise craft I made until now !

I have been noticed that some explanation of that illumination would be welcomed :

I designed this illumination to represent time and space rulled by the hand of God : the centered Cross represents Christ, who is the center and Alpha and Omega of the creation. The 4 seasons and the months of the year turn around the Cross, symbolizing time, years that come and go, in an eternal cycle. You understand that the Cross erades and orders the whole illumination : Christ is the central point

I printed cards, available on my Etsy shop !

A printed card available on my Etsy shop.