Who am I ?

Pauline Bergé-Bourbon

Illuminator craftswoman

My name is Pauline Bergé-Bourbon, I am 28 and I am an illuminator.

I was given the title of Enlumineur de France in 2018 at the Institut Supérieur Européen de l’Enluminure et du Manuscrit, after two years of training  that encompassed things as diverse as copying, medieval drawing, gold and silver laying on parchment or paper, pigments work, medieval calligraphy, layout,  theorical lessons, all leading to the creation of a ‘masterpiece’. These two years enabled me to start approaching the Medieval universe from an artistic angle.

Now I improve my knowledge and my techniques with the creation of new illuminations and by updating my knowledge. But I am not only an illuminator : I hold a BTS degree in accounting and management and a degree in English. Finding my way took time and a few mishaps, but I do not regret those formative years.

Latin, history and Catholic spirituality were part of my education. I like singing, whether it’s historical European music such as polyphony and gregorian chants, or even modern songs …I have a great sensibility for art and beauty in general : painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, dance, spirituality are all topics that make me thrill and doubt, that elevate, penetrate and delight  my soul… Nature is one of my muses : nothing recharges my batteries quite like a beautiful walk through a magnificent landscape, the song of a foliage rustling at night or the sweet murmur of a strand. The treasures found in medieval manuscripts and in painting in general are obvious sources of inspiration. I have also a kawaii side that is fond of anything and everything cute.

I pay a lot of attention to lights, colours, textures, flavours and scents, and I think this sensuality pervades my Charlie and the chocolate factory masterpiece.